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Thank you for purchasing your new AG pool from Mr. Pool & Spa! 

The following is a general guide that you can use to help you understand the process of getting your new pool installed:

  1. JULIANO’S POOLS: Many of our clients come to us from our partner company, Juliano’s Pools.  For those of you who do not know, we are a division of Juliano’s Pools (still exclusively owned by Brian Juliano) specifically created to build the best above-ground pools in New England.
  2. PERMITS: this will range from town to town.  The best thing is to contact your local building department and find out what is needed.  We can assist you with the information that they will need, but they will typically require you to draw a rough plot plan showing where the pool will be in your yard.  We ask that you apply for a permit as soon as possible!  Thank you.
  3. ELECTRICIAN: you will need at least one 120V/20A twist lock plug for the filter pump. You may also need an additional 120V/20A regular 3-prong plug if you want a light.  If you are getting a heat pump, you will need a separate dedicated line that will be hardwired to the heater 220V/ 50-60A depending on the model.  Please be aware that a trench will have to be dug for the electrical, and this is not included in the installation of the pool.  Proper electrical ground bonding of the pool is required. We recommend London & Sons Electric (413) 244-3546 or Tine Dale Electric at (860) 278-5478.
  4. GAS LINES: If you are getting a gas heater, you will need to contact your local supplier of natural gas or propane to arrange for the installation of a gas line to be connected to the heater.  Mr. Pool & Spa does not connect gas lines or electrical lines to heaters. Excavation of trench for gas line not included. 
  5. WATER: if you need water delivered to fill your new pool, we recommend Bad Bob’s Pool Water (860) 530-1771.  Bad Bob’s has a fresh drinking spring in Northern CT, making them the best choice to fill your new pool.
  6. LANDSCAPING: Mr. Pool & Spa does not landscape around your new pool.  However, we recommend a two-foot border of stone around the outside of your pool.  Four yards is the average amount of stone required.  We recommend Harkens Landscape Supply & Garden Center in East Windsor, CT as our stone supplier (they will deliver right to your house).

THANK YOU! We want to thank you again for purchasing your new Above-Ground pool from Mr. Pool & Spa – please feel free to contact us with any questions! My team and I look forward to exceeding your expectations on your upcoming installation!

This is a photo of the Palm Shore Above Ground Pool Mr Pool and Spa