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1353 Riverdale St., West Springfield MA Careers

Are you looking to escape the stress of a busy workday or just want a gathering place for friends and family? Having your own personal spa from Mr.Pool & Spa will give you that and more! Our hot tubs at Mr.Pool & Spa offer great value, therapy, and a multitude of sizes.

Discover the spa that revolutionized the industry! From tension-melting neck jets to soothing air-only bubbles, every Sundance Spa is crafted to let you choose a custom experience, helping you to enjoy optimal massage. With more than 40 years of excellence and more than 40 innovative hot tub firsts, Sundance Spas creates a hot tub for every lifestyle with quality and craftsmanship.

An air-only jet to create highly defined message sensations

All Sundance Spas are manufactured to resist sun fading

Many styles include illuminated grab pairs for night-time use

Easy and convenient plug-and-play installation